Urinalysis and Urine Health Testing Kits

Urinalysis and Urine Health Testing Kits

Urinalysis and Urine Health Testing Kits

What is a Urinalysis?

A urinalysis, urine analysis, also known as urine test refers to a series of tests carried out on a urine sample to determine one’s general health status. It is used as a diagnostic exercise for the symptoms or signs of a condition or a disease. This should become a routine done annually, semi-annually or quarterly. A midstream pee, not contaminated by external factors is collected preferably when it is concentrated, in the morning, and tested.

Urinalysis is very important because it can help point out the onset of a very serious disease when it has not advanced so much and can be easily controlled. This early detection helps achieve nipping at the bud which is confirmed to save lives and cut on medication-related costs. Urinalysis has helped tremendously to combat diseases associated with the kidney, urinary tract, blood sugar (diabetes), and the liver through these checks, followed by prompt medication. It’s also useful in testing for pregnancy.

The Process of Urinalysis

The freshly collected sample of urine is subjected to any of these three procedures, or all of them:

  • A color check is done by looking/observing the urine specimen for its clarity or color; brown might mean the presence of blood in urine, meaning a sign of some infection, cloudy- a possible infection while foam could be as a result of kidney disease.
  • Microscopic analysis checks for unwanted but minute blood cells, mineral clumps (kidney stones) and bacteria.
  • Dipstick test involves the use of a thin plastic strip laced with chemicals. A chemical reaction results into color change for abnormal levels when the strip is dipped in urine. It tests for glucose (high – diabetes), protein (present – kidney malfunction), white blood cells (present – infection), bilirubin (present – liver malfunction), acidity (high/low pH – urinary tract infection, kidney stones).

Urine Health Testing Kits

It is absolutely important to check out for high quality, easy to use urine health testing kits. It’s not enough to know that you’ve performed a routine home test on your pee. To be sure that you’re getting accurate results is of paramount importance since it provides the correct answers needed to find the solution. High-quality at home urine test kit with a full money back guarantee, and are user-friendly to guarantee accurate, easy results. All the products are FDA and CE certified.