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9 in 1 Water Test Kit – 9 Parameter Drinking Water Test

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  • lead test strips9 water test strips, boxed with instructions
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  • water test strips9 Parameter Drinking Water Quality Test Kit – Test water for Nitrates, Lead, Copper, Iron, pH, Chlorine & more!

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Test Sure’s 9 in 1 drinking water test kit is the most comprehensive way for you to protect yourself from harmful toxins that can be found in drinking water. Our test measures a wide range of harmful chemicals that are found in drinking water.

Our water test kit contains laboratory grade test strips allowing you to test any water source for 9 specific harmful contaminants. Each parameter has different standards that are defined by the EPA. The following charts are included in our 9 in 1 water test kit instructions, and they give details on the standards for drinking water set by the EPA for each parameter tested, plus some information on the dangers of each contaminant.

Lead Water Test Kit

Lead is a common toxin found in drinking water and can have drastic effects on your health, especially for children. Lead builds up over time in our bodies, and can eventually lead to brain and nerve damage from over exposure. It’s important to make sure lead levels are low in your drinking water.

lead water test kitThe EPA recommends that lead levels not exceed 15 parts per billion, or .015 mg/L.

Copper Water Test Kit

Copper levels are naturally regulated in the body, but high levels of copper in drinking water can lead to health issues such as nausea, diarrhea, and cramping. It’s also been linked to kidney disease and liver failure.

water copper test kitThe EPA recommends that copper levels not exceed 1.3 mg/L.

pH Water Test Kit

This is the measurement of acidity in your water. Ideally your drinking water should be about a 7.2, or slightly alkaline.

ph water test stripsThe EPA recommends your drinking water be between 6.5-8.5.

Iron Water Test Kit

Iron is an important of our body and necessary for good health. However, too much iron can lead to health problems.

iron water test kitThe EPA recommends iron levels in water not exceed 300 ppb, or .3 mg/L.

Free Chlorine Water Test Kit

The EPA requires that our drinking water have at least 4 ppm to prevent water contamination. However, high chlorine levels are not good to ingest and can harm our health.

free chlorine water test kitThe EPA recommends your chlorine levels not exceed 4 mg/L.

Total Hardness Water Test Kit

Soft or acidic water can contain many of the harmful toxins that this kit tests for. Adversely, slightly hard water can add Calcium and Magnesium to your diet, which is essential for good health, so the EPA recommends having a minimum amount of hardness in your drinking water.

water total hardness test kitThe EPA recommends your total hardness be between 60-120 ppm.

Nitrite Water Test Kit

Drinking water supplies can become contaminated with nitrite in various ways, including fertilizers and human waste. Nitrite contamination can lead to many adverse health conditions, especially in small children.

nitrite drinking water test kitThe EPA recommends nitrite levels not exceed 10 mg/L in drinking water.

Test Sure highly recommends that you conduct multiple tests of your drinking water over the course of a few weeks at different times of the day. Levels of these parameters can vary greatly from day to day, and even from hour to hour. This is especially true if you have old pipes or drink from public water. For the best results, track your measurements over time to determine the overall quality of your drinking water.

If you notice harmful levels in any of these tests, consider buying a filtration system to protect yourself and your family from long term health concerns. This is especially the case if you have small children or you are pregnant.

Directions for Use

This product is very easy to use. Dip the test strip into a water sample, not going past the “Max Line”, and then read the results. Do not shake the excess liquid off the test strip. Hold the test strip level for 10 seconds, then compare the color of the test strip to the chart provided in the instruction booklet.

The following directions are included to help you interpret the test results:

Click here to view/download our water test kit directions

  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage: Room Temperature

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  1. Anna Pursanidis

    Great product, works great

  2. paul duvan

    easy to use and fast delivery.

  3. Chris olic

    one of the better water kits we tried at the office, worked as described

  4. George Stithos

    As a landlord I use these kits to test the quality of water prior to my tenants moving in. Accurate results every time!

  5. Brian

    You can def rely on these

  6. Emily

    I had always suspected that our tap water was not that healthy, it tastes hideous. This test kit confirmed my suspicions.

  7. Anna Amanda Steth

    Finally something that can tell me what I’m actually drinking !!! (Or not anymore!) great product I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use this to test what they drink!!! Thank you

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