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uti test kit uti test strips uti test strips uti test strips uti test strips

UTI Test Strips – 100 strips/bottle

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  • uti test stripsUTI Test Strips – 100/bottle
  • urinary tract infection test stripsCE & FDA Approved – 100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • uti test kitEasy to Use – 99% Accurate – Directions included
  • test for urinary tract infection100 UTI Test Strips – At Home Test for Urinary Tract Infection


Test Sure’s UTI tests strips give you the ability to test for urinary tract infection from the comfort and privacy of your own home. We ship all of our testing supplies right to your door in discreet packaging with your privacy in mind. Test kits are 100% guaranteed, easy to use, and CE & FDA certified.

Our UTI test strips work by measuring leukocytes (white blood cells) as well as nitrite in urine. When there are high levels of leukocyte your urine, it indicates the your body is fighting off an infection in the urinary tract. Nitrite is also produced by most UTIs, also making it a good indicator of a UTI being present. Most test strips only test for one of these parameters, but Test Sure’s UTI test strips test for both, giving you the most accurate test available for identifying a urinary tract infection.

It’s recommended by TestSure that if you test positive for UTI with our UTI test strips, repeat the test to ensure accuracy. Our UTI Test Kit includes 100 test strips for this reason. If you think you have a UTI or you test positive for a urinary tract infection with any test kit, it’s best to seek a doctor for a medical diagnosis and treatment.

UTI Test Kit Directions

Our UTI test strips are simple to use. Fill a cup with urine, and dip the test strip into the urine for a few seconds, not going past the “Max Line”. In 2 minutes, read the test results using the chart provided in the instructions. The chart below is included in this package, and helps you to read results.uti test strips

  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage: Room Temperature

Click here to view/download our UTI test instructions.

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Weight 2.12 oz

2 reviews for UTI Test Strips – 100 strips/bottle

  1. Anna

    Very accurate! I got my results in less than 2 minutes

  2. Kathy

    Will order again

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