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4 in 1 Pool Test Strips – 50 strips/bottle

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  • pool test stripsPool Test Strips – pool and spa test strips for ph, Alkalinity, Bromine & Free Chlorine

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Test Sure’s 4 in 1 pool test strips allow you maintain perfect levels in your pool & spa with ease. Just dip and read! All of our testing supplies are delivered right to your door, and we provide a 100% money back guarantee on everything we sell.

This 4 in 1 Pool & Spa Test Kit includes 50 test strips that measure four of the most important parameters in your pool water.


This is the measurement of acidity in water. The ideal pH level for your pool is 7.4, which the same pH level as our eyes and mucous membranes. When the pool water is too acidic, it can burn the eyes and irritate the skin.


This measures of alkaline substances in water. When alkalinity is between 80ppm and 120ppm, it will stabilize the pH of your swimming pool.


Bromine is a measured in spas and hot tubs because it doesn’t break down as easily as chlorine in higher temperatures. You want to be careful to not allow bromine levels to spike too high in your spa, as it can cause skin irritation similar to chlorine.

Free Chlorine

This measures the amount of chlorine in the pool that is actively disinfecting the pool water. You want free chlorine levels in your pool to be between .5ppm – 1.5ppm ideally.

By using Test Sure Pool & Spa Test Strips, you can easily monitor your pool water and protect your family and loved ones. Test Sure includes 50 pool test strips per bottle so you can monitor your pool water regularly as recommended.

Directions for Use

Our pool test strips are simple to use. Simply dip the test strip into the pool or spa water, not past the “Max Line”, and in 30 seconds you’ll be able to read your test results. Compare the results to the chart provided in the instruction booklet. The chart below is to read the test results, and is included in the packaging.pool test strips

Click here to view/download our pool test kit instructions.

  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage: Room Temperature

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5 reviews for 4 in 1 Pool Test Strips – 50 strips/bottle

  1. Anna

    I feel this test gave me a true reading – especially on the pH and Alkalinity levels.

  2. James

    Works great!

  3. Jay

    I always wondered how accurate these were. I usually take a sample to the local pool store. Just had the water checked and then tried the strip. Same result. These are definitely accurate and now I don’t have to keep driving to the pool store.

  4. Christian

    Thumbs up

  5. Anna Amanda Steth

    I wanted to ensure my children are swimming in safe pool water at our home and now I am able to do so! Great product! Thank you!

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