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ph Test Strips – (0-14) pH Strips for Water and Soil | 100 strips/bottle

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Test Sure’s pH test strips for water and soil give you the ability to test pH levels for just about anything around the house. Our pH test strips are shipped right to your doorstep and they are extremely easy to use. Simply follow the instructions, and you’ll know be able to find the pH level of almost any substance!

Our pH test strips have numerous uses around the house. Below are just some of the things you can test with our pH test strips:

pH Test Strips for Water:

With many reports and studies surfacing concerning harmful contaminants in drinking water, people are starting to test their drinking water to ensure the health and safety of their family. Acidic water (pH < 6.5) can contain toxic substances like lead, fluoride, copper, iron, and zinc, all of which can lead to negative health effects. If the pH level in water is acidic, you may consider testing for the presence of these metals in the water. Try Test Sure's 9 in 1 water test kit to check levels of all of these contaminants and more.

pH Test Strips for Soil:

Generally, you should keep the pH level of your soil slightly acidic. A pH level between 6-7 is optimal for most plants, as it provides the best conditions for the plants to absorb vital nutrients from soil. If you have a green thumb, our ph test kit for soil is a great way to ensure your plants have the best environment to grow!

pH Test Strips for Food:

Testing the acidity of the foods we eat can be fun experiment to do. However, just because a type of food is acidic, it doesn’t directly affect the ph of your body, as all foods metabolize differently in the body.


When using our pH test strips for water and soil, we recommended that you test frequently for best results. pH levels in water can spike when there are larger than normal amounts of corrosive metals in the water supply. We supply 100 test strips in each box, giving you ample test strips to be able to monitor the average pH of water and/or soil over time, giving you a much better understanding of the results.

Directions for Use

Our pH test strips are easy to use and come packaged with easy to follow instructions. Simply fill a cup with the substance being tested, and dip the padded end of the test strip into the substance for a few seconds, not going past the “Max Line”. If it’s a dry substance, mix with a small amount of water, and dip the strip into the solution. Remove from the liquid and lay on a hard dry surface. In less than a minute you’ll be able to read the pH level using the scale chart provided!

Reading pH Test Strip Results

The image below shows how to read the results for our pH test strips. 7.0 is considered neutral, while any pH below 7.0 is considered acidic. pH levels above 7.0 are alkaline.pH test strips for water

Click here to view/download our ph test strips instructions.

If you find your water has a low pH level, you may want to consider purchasing test strips that test for harmful metals like lead, flouride, etc. If these metals are present in your water, you should consider a filtration system to prevent long term adverse health affects associated with these toxins.

If your soil has a pH level that is too acidic, treating it with a liming mineral like Calcic limestone will bring the pH back towards neutral. Be sure to research the type of plants you have and the ideal pH levels they prefer. This will vary depending on the species of plant you own.

  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage: Room Temperature

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