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MDMA Test Kit – 1 Reagent Test to Identify MDMA

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  • MDMA test kitOne MDMA Test Kit packaged with instructions for use
  • mdma field test kitSame field test used by law enforcement and forensics
  • ectasy test kitFree Shipping on orders over $39.99
  • MDMA reagent test kitComes with TestSure’s 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • molly test kitMDMA Reagent Test – Determine instantly if a substance contains ecstasy or molly!


TestSure’s presumptive MDMA test kit was designed to help you identify if MDMA is present in a substance. MDMA is the active ingredient in common party drugs such as ecstasy and molly, and can be extremely addictive if abused.

Our MDMA test kit is the same presumptive test kit used by forensics and drug enforcement agencies to determine whether or not a substance contains MDMA. The test kit comes with instructions and is extremely easy to use, and you’ll know within minutes if a substance contains MDMA.

Directions for Use

MDMA test kit directions

Step 1:   Crack the glass ampoule very carefully to open the top of the test tube.

Step 2:   Scrape a small amount of the pill off and insert into the tube.

Step 3:   Swirl the tube to mix the substance with the chemical agent.

Step 4:   Compare the sample’s color to the color chart included with the test kit. (see below)

Click here to view/download our MDMA test kit instructions.

Reading Results

To determine if the substance being tested contains MDMA, compare the color of the liquid in the test tube to the color chart below. If any of the colors match, the substance contains MDMA. If it is showing a different color, or no color at all, the substance does not contain MDMA. In addition to testing if a substance is MDMA, our test will also show you if a substance contains DXM, Amphetamine, and/or Methylone. MDMA test kit results

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Weight .85 oz

4 reviews for MDMA Test Kit – 1 Reagent Test to Identify MDMA

  1. zach

    Shipped next day!

  2. James

    Works great! Thumbs up!

  3. chris

    We tested some product we had and it came back positive. test seem good and thanks

  4. Carlos

    This test is accurate

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