cocaine purity test kit
cocaine purity test kit cocaine purity test kit cocaine purity test kit cocaine purity test kit cocaine purity test kit

Cocaine Purity Test Kit – 1 Reagent Test to Measure Purity of Cocaine

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  • cocaine purity test kitOne Cocaine Purity Test Kit packaged with instructions
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  • cocaine purity test kitFind out instantly how pure a sample of cocaine is


TestSure’s reagent cocaine purity test kit allows you to determine the purity of a cocaine sample. Cocaine is often cut with other substances, and is almost never 100% pure cocaine by the time it makes it to the user.
how to test cocaine purity
Depending on where you live, the purity of your cocaine can wildly vary. Independent tests and police sources have revealed that test results have shown cocaine purity levels as low as 10% and as high as 80% in samples reviewed. With no way of knowing exactly what your buying, you end up at risk for consuming really bad and impure coke.

If only there were a way to check cocaine purity.

TestSure’s Cocaine Purity Test

Our reagent kit allows you to check for cocaine purity at home privately and discreetly. It’s a safe and reliable way to measure cocaine purity, with easy to follow instructions and easy to read results. In less than 2 minutes you’ll be able to accurately determine how pure a sample of coke is.

All of our products, include our cocaine tester, are Independently Tested, Scientifically Proven, and come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They are shipped directly to your doorstep in discreet packaging. All orders over $39.99 qualify for free shipping, so our 3 pack of cocaine purity test kits will be delivered without a shipping charge.

How to Test Cocaine Purity

Our reagent test kit comes with easy to follow instructions with pictures that illustrate how to test the purity of cocaine. All you have to do is put a tiny sample of coke inside the tube, crack the ampule to release the chemical reagent into the sample, and within minutes you’ll be able to measure it’s purity based on the color of the reagent liquid in the tube.

Step 1:   Crack the glass ampoule very carefully to open the top of the test tube.

Step 2:   Place a small amount (at least 20mg) of the sample into the tube.

Step 3:   Swirl the tube to mix the substance with the chemical agent.

Step 4:   Compare the sample’s color to the color chart included with the test kit. (see below)

cocaine test kit directions

Click here to view/download our cocaine purity test kit instructions.

Reading Results

To determine the purity of the sample tested, compare the color of the reagent in the tube to the chart pictured here. The darker the color red, the more pure the sample of cocaine is. Be sure to test at least 20mg of substance to get the most accurate results. cocaine purity test kit results

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9 reviews for Cocaine Purity Test Kit – 1 Reagent Test to Measure Purity of Cocaine

  1. zach

    Awesome product.

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    Would highly recommend it. This item is literally a life saver!! That way you know what you are testing with full confidence.

  3. Shawn Charles LURCOCK

    Thank God for companies like you keeping people from being ripped off poison or even killed by offering this product…

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  5. Anon (verified owner)

    Worked just as advertised. Very reliable

  6. Aubrey (verified owner)

    Fast and simple. Results right away. Know what you’re dealing with

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    i need

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  9. patrick parks

    this product is a nessasary tool for saving lives

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