Pregnancy Test Kits

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Pregnancy Test Strips

Test Sure provides the most accurate and reliable pregnancy tests at the best value on the internet. All of our pregnancy test kits come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we’ll issue a full refund of the product, so you can rest assured in the quality that we’ll deliver.

How do Pregnancy Test Kits Work?

Pregnancy test kits work by detecting a certain hormone in the urine that is only present after fertilization. The hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a glycoprotein produced by the placenta after conception. HCG levels become present in the body very soon after fertilization, making it the perfect test for pregnancy early on. By testing for hCG, you can detect pregnancy as early as six days after conception.

You can purchase our pregnancy test kits either in an easy to use midstream applicator, or you can purchase the pregnancy test strips on their own. The tests are easy to use, come with easy to follow instructions, and easy to read results.

Ovulation Test Kit

The ovulation is a different type of test, but still very helpful for those that wish to become pregnant. The ovulation test kit gives you the ability to predict when you’re ovulating, which is when you’re most likely to become pregnant. It does this by detecting Leutenizing Hormone (LH) in urine, which usually present 24-48 hours before ovulation. You can purchase our ovulation test strips in an easy to use midstream applicator, or you can purchase the ovulation test strips on their own. Either way, it’s much less than what you’d pay at a pharmacy, and we’ll deliver it right to your door to save you the trip to the store!