Test Strips for Pools: Prevent Illness

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Test Strips for Pools: Prevent Illness

When people make the decision to invest in a pool, it is important that they keep the pool in a good working order. This means making sure that the pool is kept clean,

that the foundation isn’t cracked, and the pH of the pool is within acceptable limits. There are lots of ways that people can test the pH of the pool but most of these involve test strips. Why is the pH of the pool important? Maintaining a proper pH keeps people safe from potential illnesses.

A Low pH Can Damage the Eyes, Trachea, and Skin

The typical pH scale runs from 0 to 14. The goal pH of the pool is a neutral pH of around 7.4-7.6. If the pH of the pool is too low, it is acidic. An acidic pool can lead to irritation of the skin or eyes. Think about someone who spills an acidic solution on themselves in chemistry class. This can lead to severe burns. While a pH of 5 or 6 may not be a pH of 0, it can still cause extreme irritation of the skin, eyes, and even the trachea if people breathe in the fumes.

A High pH can Inactivate Chlorine

On the other hand, the pH of the pool can also be too high. If the pH is over 8, it is termed basic. This can have a lot of consequences that are similar to a pH that is too acidic, including irritation of the skin; however, this can also lead to inactivation of the chlorine. If the chlorine is inactivated, it stops working. This means that it does not do the job of killing potential bacteria and viruses that are in the pool.

Use Pool Test Strips to Prevent Serious Illnesses

Clearly, it is important to make sure that the pH of the pool is kept within acceptable limits. This will ensure that people do not harm themselves while swimming while also ensuring that the chlorine in the pool will keep away serious pathogens. If the chlorine is working well, it should kill the bacteria and viruses that could otherwise make people sick. This is where pool test strips come into play. Rely on these strips to provide an accurate pH level before entering any pool. It could prevent people from contracting a serious illness or from sustaining serious burns.