How to Lose Body Fat

How to Lose Body Fat

How to Lose Body Fat

As you get older it gets harder to lose body fat. Part of the problem is that your metabolism slows down, but the main problem is that your body isn’t burning fat for energy as it should. Instead, it’s burning sugar for energy. And as long as your body is burning sugar for energy, you’ll find it difficult or impossible to lose body fat.

Why Does Your Body Hold Onto Fat?

The surprising reason that your body holds onto fat is due to a hormone called insulin. Insulin is also called the fat-storage hormone because even a small amount of insulin in your system triggers fat storage. In addition, when even tiny amounts of insulin are released into your system, the hormones that do burn fat are turned off like a switch. There’s a direct correlation between body fat and insulin. As insulin levels rise, you store fat. As insulin levels decrease, you lose body fat.

How to Lower Insulin Levels

Insulin levels rise whenever you eat sugar and carbohydrates, which turn into sugar in your body. Insulin can spike from a piece of fruit, a glass of juice or a slice of toast. As long as you continue to ingest sugar and carbs, your insulin levels will rise and prevent body fat loss. The Keto diet is specially designed to prevent those insulin levels from rising. The Keto diet severely limits dietary intake of sugar and carbs so that your body starts burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. This results in the reduction of body fat that you’re looking for.

How to Lose Body Fat With Keto

The Keto diet is so-called because when you stop fueling your body with sugar, your body starts producing ketones. Ketones are an alternative energy source that your brain actually prefers over sugar. As you deprive your body of sugar for energy, it has no choice but to produce ketones, which it uses for fuel. What happens is, then, the hormones that burn fat get turned on again and you start to lose body fat. You can even monitor the production of ketones yourself, using ketone test strips. When the test strips indicate ketone levels are high, you know your Keto diet is working.

Do not begin the Keto diet or any other diet without consulting your physician. With the help of your doctor and ketone strips, you can look forward to finally losing that body fat.