How to Care for Your Aquarium

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Regularly testing the water in your aquarium is an essential part of aquarium maintenance. But, how do you make sure you get healthy readings on your TestSure Aquarium Test Strips? Follow these guidelines on how to care for your aquarium.

How to set up an aquarium

Aquarium setup is a 4- to 6-week process called cycling. Eventually, healthy bacteria in the water that grow in the aquariums gravel and filter will break down nitrite and ammonia in the tank. Cycling sets up the population of these good bacteria in the water.

First, you’ll install the aquarium filter, fill it with water, and run the filter for at least 24 hours. Then, put a few fish that aren’t sensitive to ammonia or nitrites – like livebearers or danios – into the tank. At this point, you can use a bacteria starter in your tank to encourage the growth of healthy bacteria. Test the water every few days. Once the measurements of pH, nitrites, carbonates, and water hardness are within normal range, you can add more fish to the aquarium.

How to maintain an aquarium

After you’re finished cycling and the fish are in the tank, you should continue testing the water every two weeks. To make sure the readings come out normal, follow these instructions on how to care for your aquarium.

  • Every week – Count the fish in the tank, especially if you have small fish. Some smaller species can decompose quickly after they die, poisoning the water with a high nitrite level and endangering the other fish.
  • Every other week – Test the water with TestSure Aquarium Test Strips. Then, replace 10 to 15 percent of the water with fresh water. Vacuum the gravel, clean algae from the aquarium walls, and rinse the cartridges from the filter.
  • Every month – Replace the filter inserts, cartridges, floss, and carbon. Clean the top of the aquarium, and check that you’re not using any expired aquarium supplies. Check tubing, skimmers, and all other parts of the tank to make sure they’re functioning properly.


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