Health Test Kits

health test kits

Health Test Kits

Test Sure was born from the idea of helping our customers lead the healthiest lifestyle they can, which is why we provide an array of different testing supplies to stay on top of your health. From ph test strips to water hardness testing, our health test kits provide the knowledge you need to give you peace of mind and absolute certainty that your living the healthiest lifestyle you can.

These days it can be very difficult to live clean and pure. It seems like everything we do on a daily basis has negative affects, right down to the water we drink. With the test kits supplied by Test Sure, you’ll be able to protect yourself and the ones you love most. From pH test strips to self diagnostic tests, all delivered right to your door, it’s never been easier to monitor your health from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

ph Test Strips

Your ph level in your body is a very important factor for your overall health. Many health issues have been linked to poor pH in the body, and scientific studies have shown that cancerous cells thrive in an acidic environment and die off in an alkaline environment. Ideally, you’d like to keep your body in an alkaline state to promote good health. Our ph test strips gives you the ability to test and monitor your body’s pH levels, giving you valuable insight into your overall health.

Drinking Water Test Kits

There has been a lot of controversy in recent years concerning our water sources. Many negative long term health issues have been linked to contaminants that are regularly found in our drinking water such as lead and copper. Many people buy filters, but even these can’t filter out harmful substances like fluoride. We offer the most comprehensive water test kit available on the market, testing for 9 parameters of drinking water, so if there are harmful levels of toxins in your water, you’ll know.

Self Diagnostic Tests

Test Sure offers you the ability to do a self diagnostic test from the privacy of home, without having to go to the pharmacy to buy it. We sell urinalysis test strips, UTI test strips, and ketone strips, all FDA and CE certified, and all coming with Test Sure’s 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Test Sure’s number one priority is your health, so it should come as no surprise we offer such a wide array of health test kits. Click on any of our products to learn more about what it tests for and how it can help protect your health.