How To Encourage a Drug Free Workplace

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How To Encourage a Drug Free Workplace

Drugs in the workplace can be incredibly detrimental to your employees and your company if it is not taken care of. Your employees may end up hurting themselves and others when they are on the influence of drugs.

It can create an uncomfortable environment for your employees if they know that drugs are actively being used in the workplace. Fortunately, there are methods that you can use to promote a drug-free workplace at your place of employment. Follow these tips to help you find the best solution to curb your drug problem at work and promote healthy lifestyles for all.

Written Policy

Just having a written policy alone should be enough of a deterrent to keep people clean in the workplace. Make sure that all employees understand that your workplace is a drug-free environment and that anyone who is caught under the influence of drugs will face instantaneous termination.

Drug Testing

Random drug testing is one of the best methods you can utilize to ensure that your employees are not under the influence of drugs. This will ensure that your employees will be wary about drug usage knowing that they can be tested at any time. Make sure to utilize the latest in drug testing resources to ensure accuracy in your results.

Introduce a Wellness Program

This is a warmer approach to encouraging individuals to avoid drug use when compared to the first two workplace policies. Creating a wellness program at your work is a great way to encourage your employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Drugs are oftentimes used whenever someone is stressed out in their normal lives. Wellness programs will teach employees stress-management techniques so that they won’t have to rely on drugs to curb the anxiety that they feel daily. It is a much healthier alternative than detoxing as it instills healthy values that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.