Don’t Wait for the Drug Test to Find Out if You’ll Pass

Don't Wait for the Drug Test to Find Out if You'll Pass

Don’t Wait for the Drug Test to Find Out if You’ll Pass

Getting a job oftentimes requires that you pass a drug test in order to get hired. And if you’ve been hunting for a long period of time, you don’t know what metabolites are still in your system even for legal substances.

You may have abstained from consuming something that would cause you to fail a drug test, but your body can hold onto those substances for longer than you realize. Don’t wait for the onboarding process after an interview and job offer is given to take the drug test. Start testing at home with a Testsure kit to find out what your body is holding onto and if you can pass a test.

It frequently takes time for the body to pass out the metabolites that are left behind after consumption. There are charts that show you how long these substances stay in your body before being flushed out to a level that is below legal thresholds, but some employers may not hire based on the fact that you show evidence that you consumed something in the not too distant past. You know you need to abstain, but you can’t guarantee that your body won’t produce metabolites after so many days or weeks have passed. What you need is a solid guarantee that you won’t have something show up on a test and ruin your chances of getting hired.

Testing at home is easy, discrete, and your potential employer will have no knowledge of your self-testing. In turn, you can determine if you can pass the test or not and plan accordingly. You’ll know when it’s safe to apply, especially when there’s a strong chance you’re going to get hired. And you avoid running the risk of losing your job offer because you didn’t wait for the employer-ordered drug test. The end result is you get hired and start your job without a cloud over your head.