Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Testing Your Water pH Levels

When most people think of clean drinking water, they do not necessarily think of the pH value of that water. It matters, and for the best experience when drinking water, it must be measured and cultivated.
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3 Ways To Tell If You Are Pregnant

If you are a young sexually active lady, at one point in time you may question yourself on whether you are pregnant.
You probably did away with your regular birth control, and now you are experiencing symptoms that make you wonder if it is just PMS or pregnancy.
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How To Tell If Your Pregnancy Is Healthy

As exciting as it is to start your family, it’s also uncharted territory. First-time moms often find their heads swirling with questions once they see that little positive sign. But all those questions boil down to one: You just want to know how to tell if your pregnancy is healthy.
Know what symptoms to expect.

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What Health Problems Can You Detect with Urine Test Strips?

For just $9.99, you can get a 100-count bottle of urinalysis test strips from TestSure. But, why bother? What health problems can you detect with urine test strips? The answer is: Quite a few. In just the 30 seconds it takes the test to process your results, you get a heads up about a wide range of common health problems, all in the privacy of your own home. They’re a great way to get a more complete picture of your health and nutrition than annual checkups allow, and might alert you to problems that need medical attention early enough to make a big difference.
Catch diabetes before it develops.

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How to Keep Your Body’s pH Alkaline

As we’ve discussed before on the TestSure blog, every solution has a pH, or a measurement of how acidic or alkaline that substance is. The water coming out of our kitchen faucets, the soil in our gardens, and even the blood and tissues in our bodies all have a measurement on the pH scale, which ranges from 0 (completely alkaline) to 14 (completely acidic).

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Why You Should Test Your Drinking Water

It may look, feel, smell, and even taste fine. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Although it’s unlikely that your tap water is as contaminated as terrifying news stories may lead you to believe, you want your water to be actively healthy – not just passable. And even if water is perfectly safe to drink, it may cause health problems by affecting your home appliances or water system. All in all, the few minutes it takes to test your drinking water is a small price to pay for peace of mind. But, what exactly should you be measuring?

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