3 Ways To Tell If You Are Pregnant

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3 Ways To Tell If You Are Pregnant

If you are a young sexually active lady, at one point in time you may question yourself on whether you are pregnant.
You probably did away with your regular birth control, and now you are experiencing symptoms that make you wonder if it is just PMS or pregnancy.

Taking a pregnancy test is the surest way to confirm if you are pregnant. During the early stages of the pregnancy, taking a test may not always be possible. However, by understanding your body, you can easily get clues on whether you are pregnant as you wait to get definite answers.

Here are some of the clues to look out for:

  • Late Periods

If you have been actively tracking your menses and days pass by without having any signs of them, your body is sure shouting that there may be something cooking in the oven.

You may be pregnant!

Other factors may weigh into this phenomenon. You can take a
pregnancy test to clear out any doubts.

  • Changes in The Breasts

Your body experiences physical changes every time you get pregnant. Estrogen and Progesterone hormones in your body make breasts swollen and tender. These changes prepare the body for the coming stages of motherhood in the next few months. It is not uncommon for fatigue and tiredness to kick in as the body tries to accommodate the new changes. Some women may have discharge from their nipples during the initial stages of pregnancy.

  • A little Spotting and Cramping

This occurrence takes place when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the walls of the uterus. It causes light bleeding that appears as spots. Cramping also happens when the uterus expands and contracts to allow the embryo enough room to grow. However, this can easily be confused with PMS. To clear off any uncertainty, consider how heavy the bleeding is. For PMS, the bleeding is heavy. Lighter bleeding is indicative that you may be pregnant.