4 Ways to Find True Full Spectrum CBD

So much has been reported when it comes to the health benefits associated with CBD. But what if I were to tell you that not all CDB products are created equal? With legislation making it easier to sell CBD, and regulation far from a reality, there are a lot of companies mislabeling products out there, and quality is far from perfect. Last thing you want is to fail a weed drug test because that ‘full spectrum CBD’ was actually over the legal limit of .4mg THC!

To get the most health benefits out of your CBD, you want to make sure your ingesting the best quality. Be sure to do your research on a brand before you buy from them for the first time, and always look for independent 3rd party product tests. Most reputable companies should have them.

The best quality CBD for health benefits is full spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum just means it is a CBD product that has as many cannabinoids in it as possible while still going through the manufacturing process.

As CBD is processed to eliminate THC, it ends up stripping down some of the other cannabinoids that naturally occur in the plant. These 100 and some odd cannabinoids all work in concert to product many of the health benefits you’ve read about. The more you process the plant, the less cannabinoids it has, and your left with just CBD and a few others.

So while taking CBD isolate is great if your solely focused on CBD, have a full spectrum product will provide better experience and bette health benefits.

Here’s what to look for:

Read the Label – look for the extraction process. The best process for producing full spectrum is an ethanol extraction method that barely disrupts the integrity of the CBD.
Keep Reading – look for full spectrum on the bottle. If it’s a full spectrum product it should say.
Go Organic – Cannabis readily absorbs pesticides and harmful metals at a faster rate than other plants. Organic is important for CBD.
Don’t trust the label – if you’ve never done business with a company, look for 3rd party product research somewhere on their site. If you can find it, call them. All reputable companies should have them.

If you can stick to these 4 tips, your well on your way to enjoying the best CBD the earth has to offer. Just remember to ask if your not sure, and if they don’t seem professional, don’t trust them with your health.