Check Out Our Write-Up in The Miami New Times

A few years back, our brand was featured in Miami New Times. It was great press for the company, but also a chance for us to speak out about something we’re passionate about: protecting the health and safety of our customers. We’ve since rebranded to offer many more products, but our core philosophy has remained unchanged, as we still aim to protect your health and wellbeing. Read our featured write-up below!

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Why You Should Test Your Drinking Water

It may look, feel, smell, and even taste fine. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Although it’s unlikely that your tap water is as contaminated as terrifying news stories may lead you to believe, you want your water to be actively healthy – not just passable. And even if water is perfectly safe to drink, it may cause health problems by affecting your home appliances or water system. All in all, the few minutes it takes to test your drinking water is a small price to pay for peace of mind. But, what exactly should you be measuring?

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