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TestSure Test Kits

TestSure was built to both protect and promote good health by providing the highest quality of test kits at the best prices for our customers. We deliver our products directly to your door, all of our products are CE & FDA certified, and we stand by the quality of our test kits with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our products are all lab tested and individually tested to ensure the highest quality before it makes it to your door, and they assembled and shipped right here in New York City. Be Sure, Test Sure!

Pregnancy Test Kits

TestSure’s pregnancy test kits are the most convenient and most economical way to get reliable FDA approved test kits delivered right to your house. Our at home pregnancy test is great for early detection of pregnancy, and can detect pregnancy as soon as 6 days after conception.
Save yourself the trip to the store and let us bring it to you!

Drug Test Kits

Drug abuse kills thousands of people every year in the US alone, and hundreds of thousands more worldwide. Protect your home and business from the dangers of drug abuse with Test Sure drug tests. We deliver quality lab quality drug tests directly to you in discreet packaging with your privacy in mind. Drug Tests are easy to use, 99% accurate, and guaranteed to work or your money back.

Presumptive Drug Test Kits

Find an unknown substance that you might suspect is a drug? TestSure presumptive drug tests are the same test kits trusted by drug enforcement agencies and forensic scientists across the world to identify unknown substances in the field, and here they’re available for you to purchase! You’ll be able to determine in minutes if an illegal substance is present in a sample, helping you protect yourself and your loved ones.

Health Test Kits

At Test Sure, our mission is to help our customers protect and promote good health, so it’s only fitting that we provide an array of different health test kits for you to purchase. From water quality test kits, pH paper, and self diagnostic tests, we give you everything you need to stay on top of your health!

Water Test Kits

Whether you need to test the water in your faucet, aquarium, pool or spa, we give you every water test strip you could ever need to regulate and monitor your chemical levels in water. With a money back guarantee and easy to follow instructions, you just can’t go wrong with Test Sure!